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On a large project, we can provide a detailed, written estimate of the time and materials we think will be required.

Our motto at Hanz-On Pro is: “committed to service.” We guarantee our work, answer your phone calls and emails, follow-up on your questions, and work with you on scheduling your work, including coming back quickly if something is not done to your satisfaction. That’s what we mean by “committed to service.”

For small jobs, we can provide a rough estimate of cost based on photos of the problem. We charge a minimum of one hour for any job and then charge by the quarter hour thereafter.

For large jobs, we are willing to come out to discuss the project and provide a ballpark of the total cost. That visit is free. If you’d like a detailed, written estimate of labor and materials, we charge 1-3 hours of labor (depending on the size of the project) for that service. The cost of your written, detailed estimate is deducted from your final invoice if you decide to go with our services. Also, on large estimates, we schedule another visit to go over it with you.

The hardest part of handyman work is estimating large jobs. Although everyone would like to believe otherwise, it is impossible to estimate accurately because each project is different. We do our best to provide a realistic figure and adjust it as we do the work. One of the reasons for the difficulty in estimating is that unforeseeable things can occur. For example, removing flooring to discover the sub-flooring has rotted and needs replacement, or finding mold inside a wall that needs mitigation. We only do quality work. In other words, we won’t cover up that rot or mold without addressing the issue. So, the bottom line is this: we will estimate your job based on what we can see at the time of the estimate, and discuss any additional costs as unforeseen issues arise. We work efficiently and expect to be paid for the actual labor and materials that we put into the job, regardless of our estimate.

We charge for labor based on a sliding scale from $75 to $65 an hour as detailed below. Costs of projects vary depending on the complexity, the distance we need to travel (for example, we add a surcharge for travel up the Canyon), and the materials required.

  • 1 – 8 hours . . . . . . .  . . . .  $75.00 per hr.
  • 9 – 24 hours. . . . . . . . . . . .$70.00 per hr.
  • 25 hours or more . . . . . . . .$65.00 per hr.

On large jobs with high material cost estimates, we ask for one-half the total estimate up front.

We make every effort to schedule jobs appropriately, but again, many unexpected things occur in handyman work. We always call if we’re running late. We appreciate customers who can be flexible, and we try to be flexible as well. For example, if you have a situation that needs immediate attention, we will try to reschedule other customers to meet your need.

Contact us to discuss your project or ask any questions.

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