Boulder is My Home

I am the quintessential Boulderite, with an eclectic mix of life, education, and work experiences.

My dad designed and built the home where I grew up in northeastern Ohio; my grandfather was a carpenter for a coalmine in Pennsylvania. Design, building, and repair are in my blood. My early jobs were on local farms, absorbing skills and a strong work ethic from watching the men who employed me. I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio.

Early in my career I worked in the office of Antoine Predock, a celebrated southwest architect, started (and closed) my own graphic design company, and worked in several corporate positions. After moving with my family to Vancouver, BC in 1982, I eventually entered the film industry as an art director and production designer. In those roles I worked within budget parameters to build sets for shows like 21 Jump Street and Outer Limits, and movies like Cousins, Betrayed, and The Accused. It was my job to conceptualize, draw, coordinate, and supervise construction crews and painters to create the perfect illusion for film and television. These are all skills I bring to bear as a handyman.

In 2005, I received my master’s degree in leadership and training from Royal Roads University in Victoria BC. I’ve lived in Boulder since then. Four (and sometimes all five) of my children live in Carbondale and Paonia, and I have five granddaughters in grade school there. My sister and mother have also relocated, so Boulder is our adopted hometown. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.


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